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Written by myself, for myself, using Borland Delphi. I hope it may be of use to you, but please understand I can take no responsibility for any errors arising.

Audio Level Meters

Audio Level Meter Audio Level Meter

Dual PPM

Analogue PPM

Meter + Audio Generator

Wide Range

Level Meter

Applause Meter or ‘Clap O’meter’

Applause Meter

Customisable full-screen Applause Meter or 'Clap-o-meter'

Image Cropper

Image Cropper

An easy-to-use utility for cropping jpeg and bitmaps image to a selected aspect ratio.

Many other features

R's 'R Us

Any Resistor You Want

Make any  resistor value from two preferred values


Audio Level Meter Test Generator Wide Range Meter

Audio Tone Generator

Digital Level Meters

Multi-Channel Level Meters Multi-Channel Level Meters

Multi-Channel Level Meters

Digital or Analogue style Level Meters

From 1 to 24 channels in 1 to 4 rows


DBview graphical level meter

Shows audio level in a graphical form with peaks and average readings


Knight Rider

Knight Rider Voice Meter

Show sound level just like KITT

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   Software for Windows  by Paul Marshall

© Paul Marshall 2003