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Many of the updates are made at the suggestions of users. If you have any ideas for improvements let me know. Check for updates using the option on the Help menu.

If you have any comments, bug reports, feature requests or just to say hello   - send me an E-mail

If you find my program useful please consider making a small contribution via PayPal.

A word about Embedded thumbnails and EXIF information

Most digital cameras include a thumbnail image and information about the image, called 'exif', in the jpeg files they create. From Version 3.00 onwards Jpegs saved by Image Cropper include this extra data.  Some TV sets include a memory card reader for directly displaying camera images and these sets use the embedded thumbnail to provide their catalogue. They can take a long time to generate thumbnails when not included. For display on a TV it is useful to use Image Cropper to resize to 1024 x 576 (or 1920 x 1080 for HD) with a jpeg quality of around 80. This will make smaller files while the quality will still be good. 

Image Cropper can also add the Author's name and a Copyright message when these are not already present.

Image Cropper  by Paul Marshall         


Use Image Cropper to -

The main purpose of this program is to make it easy to crop a batch of images to a specific aspect ratio. There's a batch mode with each picture presented to you in turn. All you have to do is decide where to crop and hit 'Save'. It is not even necessary to hit the crop button, the crop is made when you save. An important feature is that the black (or coloured) border area may be included if necessary. The Safe Area can be shown so you can make sure none of your image will be lost off the edge of a normal TV screen.

You can add a frame and captions, semi-transparent if required and also simultaneously save a second image in a different size.

Resizing is carried out at high quality with a choice of algorithms. A note about potential quality loss (or lack of it!) with Jpegs  can be found here - ‘Image Cropper Jpeg re-encoding test’

See the Image Cropper Help for more information  (pdf file)

Comprehensive help is included in the program - press f1.   

Latest Update Here 


Still for Videos

Webpage Images

Photo Printing

Batch Process

Photo Frames

Level adjustments and other effects

Screenshot Version 2.70

Stills for Video

Image Cropper was originally designed to crop images for inclusion a in video production where they have to fit a standard 4:3 aspect ratio, or a widescreen 16:9 ratio. At that time few programs would create the anamorphic image that was needed for widescreen.

Presets for several standard TV output sizes including Full HD are included for resizing if necessary. It can be useful to reduce the resolution especially when working with big mega pixel images. You can create your own presets.

Image Cropper is ideal for downsizing images for webpages. Basic image enhancements such as levels and saturation adjustments are included as well as cropping and resizing.

There are a host of features to make like easier for the web developer such as preset settings (including folders), a second smaller image as a thumbnail, captions and visible watermarks, folder management and filename settings and renaming utilities. Load an image by dragging from a website or paste from the clipboard. Save cropped and resized (or not resized) to the clipboard to paste into other web creation programs. Add your copyright info to Exif data.

 Fit to the safe area and include a black or  coloured border

Photo Printing

Image Cropper is also useful in preparing photos for printing.  For instance, the common print size of 7"x5" doesn't fit the common 4:3 aspect ratio of many digital cameras. Instead of leaving it to the photo printer to crop out the central area you can choose which area to print, and maybe also zoom in a bit.

A selection of common sizes is included or custom sizes can be entered. No scaling need be done and there's no need to get involved in dots per inch, just get the height and width in the right proportion and leave the rest to the printers. Resizing is not really relevant here, its just the aspect ratio that matters. However if you do you wish to change the size, either larger or smaller, Image Cropper can do so with very good quality.

      Crop photos for printing in Portrait or Landscape mode.

Add a semi-transparent 

'watermark'  and/or a Caption.

Position and size by point and drag.

Caption can include EXIF info and/or filename.

Comprehensive Filename options including numbering and static text.

Batch Processing

The main reason why Image Cropper was developed. The batch facility is included so that a large number of images can be processed quite quickly. This works by allowing multiple files to be selected which are then presented to you one by one so that all you have to do is select the area you want and click Save.

Alternatively, if you just want to crop to the best fit, width or height, then the whole batch can be processed automatically. Optionally, for landscapes the selection fits the width while for portraits a black border is included each side. You can also lock the selected crop area so that a whole batch can be processed in the same way automatically. You can open a File List to monitor the progress of the process, either manual or automatic.

Using the safe area option it is possible to add a frame with surrounding border area automatically, as in the screenshot. Or a fixed percentage amount can be trimmed off each picture.

View the Image Cropper Help file included with the application for more information.

A note about potential quality loss (or lack of it) can be found here - ‘Image Cropper Jpeg re-encoding test’

Electronic photo frames

These usually have fairly low resolution so apart from cropping the aspect ratio, by resizing to fit the frame you can pack a lot of photos on to a small memory card. Use up those little ones that come with cameras!

Using some of these frames can be confusing. Some of the pixel ratios can be odd. Image Cropper will help you get the sizes right.

For instance, this one (from Argos) claims  "Screen resolution 1440 x 234 pixels (480 RGB x 234)".  Although the frame is physically 16x9 the image files need to be 4x3.

(Anamorphic, like widescreen TV). An image saved at 480x234 gives a small squashed picture. For this frame an image has to be saved at 1440x1080 to make it fill the frame properly. Unfortunately the resolution is not really this high!

Levels Adjustment

With Image Cropper you can also adjust the brightness, contrast and colour saturation. There is a histogram display and a reading of RGB value at the mouse pointer. Extreme highlights and can be shown in red and low lights in blue. The preview image is lower resolution for a quick response but you can zoom in and pan around if required.

Other effects include rotation, inversion and mirror, and  Black & White or Sepia tones,

See the Image Cropper Help for more information  (in PDF format)

A note about potential quality loss (or lack of it) can be found here - ‘Image Cropper Jpeg re-encoding test’

Downloading Image Cropper

For Windows XP, 7, 8, or 10  -  32 or 64 bit.

Feel free to download and try this program, it is fully functioning but has an annoying nag screen at startup.

You can eliminate this and take advantage of Image Cropper's quick startup by making a small donation through PayPal. Something like $15 would be much appreciated.   

Then register the program by email and I will return an unlock code.  Please note, this is a manual process. I will normally respond on the same day but there may be an unforeseen delay.

Revision information

More Version History


    This software is provided 'as is' with no guarantees of any kind. No responsibility can be

    accepted for problems arising from it's use. Please read the full licensing agreement

    during installation. 

Download Image Cropper Latest Version 4.01

You may need to re-enter your registration code after updating from versions older than 3.60.

If you’ve lost it I can resend it.

New to 4.01

         New feature on filemenu:  Output Folder = Input Folder. Click to set save folder to be the same as the load folder.

New to 4.00

New to 3.97   

New to 3.87

New to 3.85

New to 3.72

New to 3.70

Note:  Buttons for new features will need to be added to the toolbar manually using menu ‘Settings/Customise Toolbar’.

Automatically save a second image.

Perhaps for a thumbnail.The thumbnail could be a link to the main image. This second image can have a caption such title, date etc that is not on the main image. An optional thin line border allows a picture with a white border to stand out on a white background, such as on a web page.


Image Cropper is supplied as a zip file. Extract 'Setup Image Cropper' and double-click to run the installer.

To uninstall use the Windows Add-Remove Programs utility.


Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 - 32 or 64 bit.  Monitor resolution 1280 x 1024 or larger.

Some comments from users...

"... thanks a bunch for making Image cropper. I used it today to crop 100 or so photos and it fits my needs perfectly." - Kevin

" I really appreciate your program.  I hope it makes you rich and famous!" - Laura        - not so far!!!

" Congrats on a nice tool... " - Steve

"I think your program is fantastic. A couple of clicks and everything shrinks into shape. Thanks so much for making it available." - Zoe

" Many thanks, and well done with such a great tool, written with the user very much in mind." - Martin

" Thanks for developing Cropper it is a really nice program and works well for me. " - Colin

" I love this program!" - Alwyn

" Thanks for producing such a useful little program " - Roger

" Your Image Cropper is absolutely great." - David

"Thanks for an excellent program" - Janet

" Your program is great! ... I’ve wanted some of these features in the past and neither Paint Shop Pro nor Photoshop (at least the versions I had) supplied useful tools for seeing the right aspect ration, down sampling, etc. without a LOT of work." - Richard

"That's amazing, it does just what I want, thank you for all your work." - David

"Worked like a charm!  Wow!  This is going to save me a lot of time" - Roger

"...thank you for this great program which does just what I want" - Duncan

"We just LOVE the batch system" - Clive

"... this program makes my life a lot easier and makes my DVD slideshows look better" - Anthony

" Thank you -- good program. Use it frequently."  - Michael

" Thanks for taking time to create good utility software at a fair price"  - Brian

"...I would miss your program a lot if I couldn’t use it."  -  Warren

" This program is exactly what I was looking for. Normally I use Photoshop and lightroom to manipulate and workflow my photography, however when working on presentations and web site I often want a quick resize or more often a fixed crop to say 100,150px for thumbnails. Untill finding your program I have had to go into Photoshop for this as it is the only way I have found to crop a fixed size and aspect ratio in one action, still enabling adjustment of the crop location to give me a decent remaining image content." - Steve

" Nice program that’s simple to use & pretty much idiot proof! Well done. appears ‘Image Cropper’ deletes the embedded original thumbnail and does not create a new widescreen thumbnail. "  - Panasonic Customer Services  (this was correct at the time but not anymore! EXIF is now included - see note.)

"I just love it!" - John

“I am very happy to donate as it will save me hours!!!!” - Richard

“…you and your programming have saved me a lot of time and mouse clicking!! “ - Rick

“I’m using it almost every day to adjust my photo sizes.”  - Ad

“… a very good piece of software makes cropping and resizing a breeze. So much easier and quicker than more expensive and esoteric software.”  - Steve

 Two ways to use a portrait photo in a video or to view on TV - crop to the width or include the full height with a border.

   Original 4x3 image

© Paul Marshall 2011

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