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Multi-Channel Level Meters

Darkwood Designs Multi-Channel Level Meter can display from 1 to 24 level meters in 1 to 4 rows.

Note: Although there can be up to 24 channels the actual number of channels may depend on other factors such as computer power. The maximum number of different channels I have physically tested is 18 using USB devices, then I ran out of devices!
In the illustration above some channels are assigned to the same input.

I understand it has been tested successfully with 24 channels using Axia PC driver which converts audio-over-IP streams into WDM channels for Windows.

The ‘Digital’ bargraph and the ‘Analogue’ versions are different programs but similar in most functions.  Phase Correlation and size options are not provided in the analogue version.

Five size options are provided in the digital version, described as:

The analogue VU scale can be used with a traditional 300mS VU meter response or in a fast-acting peak reading mode.

Up to 24 channels will fit 1024 x 768 px screen.

Operate without border. Numerical readout and average marker are optional.

Purchase Multi-Channel Level Meter Full Version

The full package costs $17 and includes both Digital and analogue versions.

Click here to go to the Avangate secure payment service. You will receive a download link by email. This works promptly and 24/7.

Alternatively -

If you prefer you can email me and pay by PayPal but there may be a delay.


         Donate using PayPal  

I will then send you an email link to download the full working version.  Alternatively, a bank transfer can be accepted. Details on request.

For any problems with the program email

Digital Meter - A single borderless channel in the largest size

Analogue Meter - A single borderless stereo pair iwith VU scale

Download Multi-Channel Level Meters -  DEMO versions 160 and 175

The demo Zip file contains both Analog and Digital versions. The Full package also includes both versions.

Please try the free demos. The demo version is time-limited to 10 minutes but will give you a good idea of  the program capabilities, and in particular any driver issues.  

“ I have download the Program. Its for me very Useful.

I use it at Live-Recordings with 16 Tracks (Motu 8Pre Soundcard and Behringer ADA8000 Extension)

And the MOTU Tools are not so exact and its not so “overviewable” like your Program

Thank you very Much!! “  -  C.B.

“I ordered it via Avangate. It is a great product!” -  GJ.

This is the screen resolution in which 24 channels in 2 rows will comfortably fit. The bargraph is the same in all sizes but larger sizes have more features.

The analogue version is one size only, 24 channels will fit in 1024 x 768. Less channels will of course take up less space but the minimum recommended screen size is 800 x 600.

These meters are for indicating multiple inputs and do not indicate stereo or surround sound 5.1 or 7.1 outputs unless your soundcard provides this function. Even if it does it may be disabled or may be stereo only.

See this info  Enabling What-You-Hear in Windows 7

© Paul Marshall 2011

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Latest Versions and Updates

Updates are free to registered users but  you will need to request  a download link by email to

Updated versions July 2016 - Independent calibration for each channel
NOTE: Calibration setting in existing settings files will need to be set up accordingly.

Multi-channel Analogue Meter latest version 1.60

Multi-channel Digital Meter  latest version 1.75