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This meter features a wider ranging scale. It also includes a marker which hold the peaks for a preset time, (or until reset)  and includes Clipping indicators operating at Full Scale - 0.5dB.

It can also show average readings which give a better idea of loudness. Set the average to 0.3 seconds and it is similar to a VU meter but at the same time it shows peaks as well. The actual values may be displayed in dB.

The background graphic can be customised to provide a special scale or just for style!

For Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 only.  Mac is not supported.

Phase Correlation indication

  In the red - Out-of-Phase                                                In the green - In-Phase

If left & right are identical (as in mono) the marker will move fully to the right. Totally out-of-phase moves the marker fully to the left. The reading in degrees represents stereo panning, and shows 0º  centre in-phase, 180º out-of-phase, -90º fully left, +90º fully right. Averaged over 2 seconds.

Shown in a graphical form and in degrees if required.

Peak Hold time can be set from 0.1 to 300 seconds, or infinite.

A rolling average can be applied and is displayed as a floating marker.

Set it to 0.3 seconds for a response like a VU meter.

An optional numeric readout can display peaks or the average in dB.

User can change colour of bars and peak indicator.

It can also be operated in single channel mono mode with a choice of left, right or sum    (M6, sum = L + R -6 dB)   - New to Version 1.50


Wide Range Meter Version 1.91 now available

Update March 2016 - can set the sample rate the meter uses. Set this to 96Khz  if you are recording at that rate.  Program restart needed for change to take effect.

Requires Window XP , Vista, 7 or above.  32 or 64 bit with WDM drivers. Does not support ASIO.

Download Wide Range Meter Demo

Demo version is time limited per session. Please try the demo before you purchase.

Using with Multiple Inputs

More details are available on request from

Multiple inputs work well but the program does not build multiple meters directly.

A multi-channel version is available

Audio Level Meter

Wide Range Peak Meter with Phase Correlation

Examples of display options

Purchase Wide Range Level Meter Full Version

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Alternatively -

If you prefer you can email me and pay by PayPal but there may be a delay.


         Donate using PayPal  

I will then send you an email link to download the full working version.  Alternatively, a bank transfer can be accepted. Details on request.

For problems with the program or assistance such as making custom graphics email contact

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