version (0.7b) added: Options to fit selected area to Safe Area. Safe Area can be varied. Preset resize options. Fully auto batch mode.

version (0.8b) added: Rotate image by 90° or 180°.   Enlarge border area.  Toolbar buttons to access features.  'Save' doesn't show save dialogue - but 'Save As...' Does.  More preset resolutions.   Improved help in html format.   More status-bar information

version (0.91b)  Settings are saved on exit.   Selection bounding box is restrained to useable area.   Image list can be hidden / shown.   Aspect Ratio can be unlocked.

version (0.95b) Functionally the same as 0.91b but rearranged screen layout to suit 1280x1024 screen or larger only.

version (0.92b) Custom size width and height swaps with Landscape / portrait change. For the 1152 x 864 screen. Likely to be the last in this screen size.

version (0.93.1)  Re-designed for 1024x768 screen size. Control of selection box improved. Style of box can be changed to improve visibility.

version  1.10  Decided to take it out of beta test! Versions before 1.0 will be 1024x768; after 1280x1024 from now on.

version  1.20  Control of selection box improved. Style of box can be changed to improve visibility.

                         Handling of square pictures improved and Square added to aspect list. Custom resize values can be set to current aspect if required.

                1.2.2 Annoying warning message about resizing removed.  1.2.3 Custom Aspect Bug fix

version  1.30   Levels adjustment function added.

 version  1.40  Toolbar buttons added

                 1.42 Option to save settings between visits

                 1.44  Additions to presets lists such as A4 aspect ratio

                 1.46  Show Clipping added to Levels. Memory leak in batch mode fixed.

                 1.47  Autofit to  Width / Height option added

Image Cropper Version History

version (0.1)  November 2003 The first version that is useful! Open multiple files, crop and save as bmp or jpeg.

version (0.2)  Full screen preview added.

version (0.3)  Output resizing added. A bit slower than some programs maybe, but the quality is very good.

version (0.3b) Same as 0.3 but compiled with different compiler due to jpeg module bug in Delphi 5.

version (0.4b) includes border colour selection and safe area guide. Help reinstated.

version (0.5b) added: exit Preview mode with any key, enter custom resize

version    2.0   Improvements to text setup and positioning. Rotation speeded up.

                  2.1   Dockable Toolbox position stored.

                  2.2   Filename custom setup added. Custom resize bug fix.

                  2.21 Aspect ratios when no file loaded fixed.

                  2.24 Changes to custom aspect & output setup

                  2.3  Rounding error in custom output size fixed. Windows 'not responding' timeout during heavy processing prevented. File List reinstated.

                  2.4  18/03/2010  Auto Landscape/Portrait mode added. New version check added to Help menu.  

                  2.5  Added Levels preview zoom. Lock selection now works on any image. Border size enlarge/reduce.

                  2.6  Added button locks selection to horizontal or vertical plane only.

                  2.61 Better fit to a screen 1024 pixels high.

                  2.70 Recent files list added.

                  2.71 Bug to version check fixed

                  2.73 Bug to Levels RGB display fixed    

version   1.50  28/12/07 Screen layout redesigned again, now adjusts to different screen resolutions. File list dropped..

version  1.60  6/2/08.   Text overlay function such as to add a copyright message or filename. Basic print function added. Rotate by any angle added.

                        Invert speeded up. Other angles still a bit slow I'm afraid! Aspect Ratio list revised, 'As Image' added. Help V1.5.

version   1.7  12/5/08.  Can add a Frame to the outside of the image. Settings can be saved and loaded to/from a named file. Fixed bug in filename when no extension given.

                        Change to way resizing by corners works. Help updated and called Version 1.7

                 1.71  Output aspect ratio shown

                 1.72  Some presets bundled in zip file.

                 1.73  Bug fix to custom aspect with no file.

                 1.74  Bundled Presets revised.

version   1.8  12/4/09  Added optional EXIF information using  ExifTool. Control keys for most functions.

                 1.82  not released.

                 1.83  Bug fix - filename prefix not saved.

                 1.85  Addition - With multiple monitors always opens on Monitor 1.

version   1.91  Can add watermark and caption. Now uses proper installer. Choose monitors for program and preview.

                 1.92 Fit to Safe Area bug fix

                 1.93  14/1/10   'Crop Now' button added. Frame width scaled to suit image size.  

3.50 not released


Note: The settings files have moved - now found in the folder  C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Roaming\Darkwood\Image Cropper. Your old settings can be copied across if need be.

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