1.3 - 16/1/2001 - At the request of users, Version 1.3 adds an (optional) yellow middle segment and an optional 'Always on Top' feature. To access the options click the right mouse button over the background area. I know this is unconventional - I want a clean display uncluttered by buttons and menus.

1.4 - 25/1/2001 - Horizontal version of above.

1.5VN - 10/9/2001 - Slimline vertical version created at users request. Stores last screen position on exit.

1.5H - 7/3/2002 - Slimline horizontal version created at users requested. Dropped the old larger versions. Tested under Windows XP and no changes necessary.

1.6V and 1.6H - Peak Hold feature added at request of several users. Reset by a small button, or just by clicking anywhere on the background. Switchable from the Options screen (right click to access)

PPM V1.0 created 4/8/2003 - Non-linear scale algorithm added. Other scaling now easily possible.

           [still to do - add extra features of PPM Dual to basic PPM.]

PPM Dual V1.0 created  10/10/2003 - Simultaneous L,R,M & S displays. 'Always on top' fixed.

PPM V1.1 created 12/1/2004 - M3 or M6 switchable.

PPM Dual V1.2 created 13/2/2004 - Bars can be set to any colour.

PPM V1.3 Dual version now called just PPM - old single version dropped. M-S can be closed off. Now works 640x480 properly.

PPM V1.4 Password-protected 'Lock Settings' added. 'Always on top' fixed (always was on top!)

PPM V1.41 Fixed - Decay value now stored correctly.    PPM V1.42  'db' changed to 'dB'. 

PPM V1.5  Out-of-phase Mono handled correctly

PPM V1.6 -  PPM Analog V1.4 -  PPM Mini V1.3 -  PPM Quad V1.1 - PPM Twin V1.4      Calibration accepts decimal values :   PPM Analog V1.4 - Title Bar removed 21/8/6

PPM SE VI  V1.5 Based on PPM 1.41 with added speech function for visually impaired user.

Digital Level Meter V1.1  Bug fix division by zero error with silence  6/4/09

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