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Level Logger

Download Level Logger Demo  Version 1.31

Alternative styles of graph are provided, lines or filled.

There are two movable target lines for reference levels.

Full scale may be set as required, for instance, as an SPL meter

using a microphone you may want full scale to read 90dB, while

for audio levels on a line input you may want 0dB as shown above.

Note: The response is essentially flat up to 20kHz.  ‘A’ and ‘C’ weighting is not included at present.

Choose from  CSV  (comma separated values) or Plain Text for the Log Files.

Three options determine when results are written to the log file, the three options can be used simultaneously.

The results logged are the maximum level since the last record, time and average level above and below the target lines and as percentage of the test time as a whole.

For more information download the demo and see the Help file within it.

The demo version closes after 10 minutes but is otherwise fully functioning.

The full version costs $15, a download link will be emailed to you.

This is a manual process. EMail me to confirm donation, and in case I am unavailable.

The role of Level Logger is to measure the volume of sound and automatically record certain information in a log file. It may be used in place of a traditional Sound Pressure Level meter with a ‘C’ weighting or to measure a line input audio signal.

It needs to be calibrated using a real SPL meter  for accurate results with a microphone.


© Paul Marshall 2011

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An additional resizeable window shows peak level - full screen if need be.