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Keypad Controller for Sony Movie Studio

A simple program to redefine the numeric keypad keys to perform various editing functions in Sony Movie Studio.

Whenever I edited video in Sony Movie Studio I found the most frequently used shortcut keys were scattered seemingly at random around the keyboard. Keys such as Ctrl-L (Auto-ripple) and Ctrl-shift-U (Ignore grouping) are awkward to access especially with one hand. Some of the shortcuts which are provided I don't find particularly useful such as keypad 0 (short loop playback).

One feature of Vegas Pro which is not in Movie Studio is the ability to redefine keys. I wrote this program to redefine just the numeric keypad keys to my most used functions. I can then operate a second USB numeric pad with my left hand while using the mouse with my right hand. The mouse is essential of course - there is no other way to select a clip - but I can now keep it in my hand more of the time.

Movie Studio 13 has reduced the number of toolbar buttons to a minimal amount making the keyboard even more important and this keypad even more useful.

The keys now function as follows:

0      Split Clip at cursor    (S)

1      Play in reverse         (J)

2      Stop                       (K)

3      Play Forward            (L)

4      Trim start of clip to cursor      (Alt [)

5      Manual ripple - closes a hole after deleting a clip       (F)

6      Trim end of clip to cursor       (Alt ])

7      Normal Edit Tool                  (Ctrl D)

8      Next Edit Tool  - press twice to get to Select Tool     (D)

9      Centre display window on  cursor      (\)

/       Undo             (ctrl-Z)

*      Redo              (ctrl-Y)

+     Toggle Auto-ripple mode           (ctrl-L)

-      Toggle Ignore Grouping mode    (ctrl-shift-U)

.       Delete clip                             (delete)

Enter    Play/Pause    *

       *  these are the normal functions for these keys

The normal numeric pad is affected as well as any USB add-on but the modified keys only have an effect on a window with ‘Movie Studio’ in the title. So you can edit in other programs with the numeric keypad as usual (or Movie Studio titles because the window is called ‘Media Generator’)  but not anything in the main window such as track names. However you can Disable / Enable the re-mapping using the button on the program if necessary and you can of course use the numbers on the main keyboard as normal.

Once started (either before or after Movie Studio) the program may be minimised or just left behind Movie Studio. The green ‘led’ in the program indicates when re-mapping is enabled. The image shows the key functions but is for information only. Note - Num Lock should be On.

The program intercepts commands from the keyboard, it does not alter Movie Studio in any way.

Tested in Windows 7 64-bit with Movie Studio 12 and 13 Platinum but should work with Windows XP, Vista, 7 (32 or 64-bit) and other Movie Studio versions.

Confirmed ok with Windows 8.1 64-bit.

A free program - no snags!

Download Keypad Controller for Movie Studio

Version History

V 1.1 27/01/2014 - Tested with Studio 13. Keys 4 and 6 changed to Trim Start & Trim End

V 1.2  29/01/2014 -  Changed 7 to Normal Edit tool, 8 to Next Tool and 9 to Centre to Cursor in view of MS 13 not having a Select Tool button.

If you use this please let me know - send an E-mail.

Program screenshot  V1.2                                   USB Numeric Keypad with labels attached

© Paul Marshall 2012


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