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Knight Rider Voice Meter

Download Knight Rider Voice Meter Demo Version 1.2 installer

The full version costs  $US 10 or equivalent

Use with a just basic plain black background or with the KITT dashboard, or add to your own graphic design.

With or without the Windows border and can always be on top of other windows.

The Darkwood Designs Knight Rider Voice Meter takes an input from the Line Input or Microphone input of your PC and shows the sound level just like KITT does.  The left and right bars show stereo while the middle bar shows mono, or you can have all bars operate in mono for a more realistic look. Note the panel buttons do not do anything at present.

The size can be adjusted by dragging the window corner or as a percentage on the setup screen (right-click for the settings screen).

I can help you to create your own graphics.

Purchase Knight Rider Voice Meter Full Version

This link takes you to the Avangate secure payment service. You will be emailed a download link.

If you prefer you can email me and pay by  PayPal but there may be a delay.

For problems with the program or assistance such as making custom graphics email

PC Software

Youtube video by Carl Haley shows the voice meter in action on graphics created by Carl.

© Paul Marshall 2011

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